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I was filling in for Jeff Garvin this weekend doing track photos at Thunderhill.


Here are a few selections from the weekend.


I have uploaded all photos to dotphoto, which is the same service Jeff uses - so it should be pretty easy to figure out for those of you who have used the site before.


To access this weekend's photos, go to: http://ShotFactory.dotphoto.com - Look up albums by "Race Day" or "Friday Practice" and the date.


You may also access them by going to www.theshotfactory.com and click on "Photos Available On Line"


Past videos are on line at: http://www.youtube.com/user/RacerScout


Thank you staff, drivers and teams at Thunderhill. It was a bit challenging doing double duty in the race car and behind the camera, but it was a lot of fun, too!












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Thank you so much for taking the pictures at THR this past weekend in Jeff's absence. The pictures were awesome. I know you must have been worn out with doing "double duty" during the night, and we really appreciate all of your hard work.

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Thanks Debbie, Floyd, Ozzy! It was my pleasure. :)


And thanks to all at THR who have been welcoming. Jeff does one heck of a job behind the camera and it isn't easy to fill in for him, so thanks for giving me some slack and patience.


I'll continue to capture the "Life In The Pits" angle when Jeff returns to the track and hope those photos add to your future memories.


NOTE: Regardless of where or what I am shooting - there are always certain individuals or groups who lend themselves more to the camera and therefore get more coverage. So if you find that I am not shooting your group - and want me to - just let me know that you are accessible and interested in photos and I will make the effort to cover you.


Also, if you haven't seen it, check out the video that Duke made on YouTube:




Also you can see some of my video clips at:

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