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Mirth and Boyett end 1-2 in Allison Action at Thunderhill

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Last night’s 50 lap TSRS Allison Legacy Race ended with both Boyett Horsepower Racing cars on top with Rusty Mirth in the #07 Austin Boat Clinic/Austin Auto Signs/GraphiTee’s car winning for the first time at Thunderhill in over a year and a half. Mirth’s driving and the obviously well set up car, showed all the trademark signs of a seasoned driver and an accomplished crew chief. This win brings Mirth to two for the season and Crew Chief Chad Malin to four wins in the season between the two cars in the Boyett’s Horsepower stables. He (Mirth) could be heard proclaiming “Yeah, I broke the Thunderhill curse” as he got out of the car punctuating his obvious relief at finally beating this track again.


Teammate Gavin Boyett in the #08 Hill Country Springs/Austin Auto Signs/Tony Boyett’s Home Repairs car continues to make last lap racing exciting by hanging in through the chaotic race to be still fighting for the win all the way. He led most of the laps and a strange start took him out of first to be battling behind his teammate. Somewhere in the chaos, #24 driven by Kris Kerr took second. Not to be outdone, Boyett and Kerr raced side-by-side through a lap and a half or so to a photo finish that personified the “Rubbin’ is Racing!” colloquialism. As Kerr and Boyett came through 3 and 4, Kerr got loose on the inside and drifted up and the two rubbed fenders all the way through the checker and ended with Boyett taking second place by 1/10th of a second. Hand shakes exchanged in the tech proves that these young men really understand racing and what fans come to see. Gavin continues to show his grit and fortitude and his never-say-die inclination in the car and his love of the sport and his team out of the car. His comment after the race was “I kept waiting for Rusty to make a mistake, but, of course; this is Rusty…he doesn’t make mistakes!!”


While our favorite blogger commented on all the cautions (and still we could have used a few more) no one in the Boyett Horsepower team minds when the race is run under yellow when we are sitting One-Two. As a seasoned TSRS dad (who shall remain nameless) said to me while we watched the race (and I’m paraphrasing, as I was a little distracted): “Enjoy the yellows, they can’t pass you while you’re under caution”.


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