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Note: this looks like a lot of reading, but all of the details are included, so it would take care of a lot of questions in advance. So please take a few minutes to get yourself familiar with the promotion.


The Winged 600 Cowtown Challenge went over great. The racing was fantastic, and the fans enjoyed themselves and it, by far, pulled the largest field of 600’s in the regular race season.


Next up is the Cowtown Challenge for the Limited Modifieds on August 1st and then the Street Stocks on September 5th.


Now that the first Cowtown Challenge is in, we are going only making one primary change.


The point of the Cowtown Challenge is to give teams a chance to become involved in an event for their class. Many drivers have expressed interest, but until now, didn’t really have a platform to build upon.


Now that there is, here’s how the remaining two Cowtown Challenge events will be structured:


-Cowtown Speedway is putting up $1000 to win, $500 for second, on top of the weekly track purse, down to $50 for 24th. So, Cowtown Speedway is adding $1500 to your weekly purse. (Note: that means 3rd place in the feature will pay what 1st place does weekly, 4th place will pay what 2nd normally does, and so on; down to $50 to start.)


-In addition to building and facilitating this program, DarinShort.com will donate the production hours to each division


-In return, like the 600’s and bomber classes did, we would like your group to find sponsors for an additional cash bonus for your division that night, called the Cowtown Challenge Bonus.


-The Cowtown Challenge is for your group of cars, and we need everyone to be involved for it to continue to work.


-That being said, each driver competing in their Cowtown Challenge is required to raise at least $100 in sponsor money for their race night. All sponsor money will go directly back into their race purse in the form of the Cowtown Challenge Bonus (see below).


-Or, you can choose not to bring a sponsor to the Cowtown Challenge event. However, you must then pay a $50 entry fee that will go directly to the track to offset the $1500 increase they are adding to your purse. (Similar to the current $1000 to win modified races on the ’09 schedule, they all have a $50 entry fee for all drivers.)


-This change is necessary, as it is only fair to the teams that go out and do the legwork to obtain sponsor money, again, all of which is going back into your purse. It’s not fair to the teams doing the work a driver that doesn’t shows up and ‘cherry picks’ your special night. But if they do, and pay an entry fee, then it is fair.


Here's how the Cowtown Challenge Bonus will work:


If you are qualified to start in the front row of the feature race, the pole sitter will be given the option to start the feature in 24th.


If they accept the challenge and come back to win the feature, they will win ALL of the sponsor money gathered by your group. If they don't accept the challenge, then the option goes to the front row outside starter with the same format. (We will run a 4-lap dash with the heat winners, by draw, to determine the front row starters.)


However, if a driver accepting the challenge does not win the feature (or if no one takes the Challenge), the sponsor money will be divided up between the top 10 finishers in the feature race that night.


So ALL of the money will be paid back out to your group that night one way or the other. For example, if your group collects $1500, and if you take the Challenge and come through the field and win (features will each be 25 laps), that driver will collect a total of $2,500 to win! Or, let’s say your group collects $2000 and no one takes the Challenge, the winner will take home $1200! ($2000 divided between the top 10=$200 each, plus $1000 to win=$1200.) There’s a catch, and yet an opportunity.


This structure is set up for the long-term, so it can grow.


You as a group must collect at least $1,000 in sponsor money, total; and then your class will have the same special guaranteed on the 2010 race schedule, which is the track paying $1,000 in your division's feature with the same program for sponsors.


As long as your class continues to raise these sponsor bonus funds, your class will continue to get the $1000 to win special on the schedule. If your class does not collect at least $1,000 in sponsor money, then the track will revert back to a $500 to win special for the 2010 schedule, and if your division collects a minimum of $1000 in sponsor bonus money for that night, then your special event will be bumped back up to $1000 to win on the following year’s schedule. The bomber group was able to raise $1,050 in sponsor money for their special, and the 600’s were able to raise $1,500, which resulted in each of the top 10 finishers in the feature race receiving a $150 bonus on top of their normal winnings.


So, the track is willing to raise the bar for your division, I will donate the time to coordinate the event, and provide the framework for the promotion, now it's up to you to see how far you can take it.


$2000? $3000? $5000??? How wild would it be if one of your drivers left Cowtown that night with $3000 or more in their pockets! (Kevin Ramey almost pulled it off in the 600 Challenge, starting 24th and making it up to 3rd place at the finish.)


We will also publish your sponsor links on the home page of the website during 'your' special week along with a 'thank you' link the following week. Not to mention, the multitude of posts and press releases that will be developed during the time frame of the promotion.


Sponsor money becomes official when the track receives it or a PayPal invoice is paid by the sponsor. If you have a sponsor payment request, you can email me at dssm93@msn.com and I’ll provide you with the details; it’s a very easy process.


THANK YOU for supporting Cowtown Speedway and we’re really excited about this new program, and collectively, this should create a lot of fun and excitement!


Note: updates for each division will be posted on the Cowtown Challenge page at www.CowtownSpeedway.com when they become available.


Note: we are going to extend the 'sponsor perks' like we did with the Bomber & 600 special - this would make for a great company get-together:


$300 sponsor = 2 pit passes

$400 = 4 pit passes

$500 = 6 pit passes

$1000 = 15 pit passes

$2000 = 30 pit passes


Race format:


Regarding the Ltd. Modified and Street Stock Cowtown Challenge events, there's really only a few things that are going to be slightly different than a normal Saturday night:


1. The heat winners (only) will advance to a 4 lap dash to line up their starting spots in the A-feature.


2. Heat winners will draw for dash lineup. 3 heats, 3 wide start. 4 heats, 2x2 start.


3. Only the pole sitter and then the outside pole sitter (if first refused by the pole sitter) will have a chance to take the Cowtown Challenge.


4. If either of them take the Cowtown Challenge they will relegate their starting position and start 24th.


5. The A-feature will be 25 laps instead of 20.


For complete event details please visit www.cowtownspeedway.com/1000ltd.html


If you have any questions let me know – let’s see if your group can top the 600’s results!

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Drivers continue to contact the speedway that they are bringing their sponsor money to Saturday's Limited Modified Cowtown Challenge.


The event already pays $1,000 to win; but by bringing sponsor money of $100 minimum; your $50 entry fee is waived. And at $300 in sponsor money, you also receive free pit passes (see track website for details) and your sponsor logos will be displayed on the track website.


And 100% of the sponsor money goes into that night's Cowtown Challenge Bonus...which will be anywhere from $1000-$3000 by race time - just depends on how many drivers participate in the promotion vs. how many drivers just show up and pay an entry fee.


All of that bonus money will be added to the winners purse if they win the Cowtown Challenge Bonus; or will be divided equally by the top 10 finishers if no one wins the Cowtown Challenge Bonus.


So in other words, if the Cowtown Challenge Bonus is $3,000; and someone wins the Cowtown Challenge Bonus, that driver will win $1,000 for winning the feature and $3,000 in Bonus money = $4,000.


Or if no one wins the Bonus, in that scenario, 10th place will have an added $300 to their purse money, as will the top 9 other finishers; therefore, $1,300 to win the feature.


The last Cowtown Challenge for the Winged 600's ended up being $1600. So each of the top 10 received an additional $160, as the driver who took the Cowtown Challenge, came up a bit short by finishing 3rd in the feature.


Complete promotion details can be found by clicking www.CowtownSpeedway.com then clicking the flashing 'Cowtown Challenge' bonus link.


Official track rules can be found there too, any further rules questions can be directed to the phone numbers listed on the rules pages.


Right now the Saturday forecast is for 93 degrees with a 30% chance of thunderstorms, so it's looking pretty good right now. The track website will be updated with any news updates.


Have a great weekend and good luck to all Limited Modified Cowtown Challenge drivers!

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Limited Modified Cowtown Challenge Update For 7/31:


Another $400 in sponsor money has been added today to the Limited Modified Cowtown Challenge Bonus for Saturday night.


So as of right now, the Cowtown Challenge Bonus is right at $1,000; with much, much more to certainly be added by race time.


And just to make sure everyone understands Saturday night's Cowtown Challenge format for the Limited Modifeds:


- If you choose to 'show up' to race in the Cowtown Challenge, that's great, but there is a $50 entry fee.


- However, if you choose to 'participate' in the promotion and bring sponsor money of $100 minimum; then your sponsor money all goes directly back into your purse in the form of the Cowtown Challenge Bonus...and then your entry fee is waived.


- And at the $300 sponsor money level and more, free pit passes are included. (See track website for details.)


I'm excited to see just what the final Bonus amount will be tomorrow!

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7/31 pm update:


Here are more Cowtown Challenge Bonus sponsor details:


$100 - Brewer's Automotive in Ft. Worth


$300 - North Texas Windows


$100 - Norwood Land Services, LLC; driver John Jarrel Jr. #77


$300 - Performance Transmissions of Kennedale


Plus several drivers have indicated they are bringing $100-$300 with them to add to the Bonus as well, but we won't have those exact details until Saturday night.


Once again, who knows where it will end up at for the final total, but it's going to be a heck of a show for sure!


Please click www.CowtownSpeedway.com for complete details.

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8/6pm update:


Limited Modified Drivers:


We will have a confirmed reschedule date for you by Sunday regarding the Cowtown Challenge that got rained out on August 1.


And since the last post, there has been another $400 added to the Cowtown Challenge Bonus, details on that will be forthcoming as well.

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After the August 1 rainout of the Limited Modified Cowtown Challenge a suitable reschedule date needed to be found.


The event will now take place on Saturday August 22nd, which is also the same night as the Cowtown Mid-Summer Midget Madness event, featuring several Cowtown Sprint drivers racing non-winged Midgets vs. the touring midget stars of the USAC/SMRS series.


And as noted a couple of days ago, another $400 has been secured in sponsorship for the Limited Modified Cowtown Challenge; which brings the total in excess of $1,000...and who knows where it will end up by race night.


But for sure, the event will pay a minimum of $1,100 to win and possibly up to $3,000 to $4,000 before it is all said and done.


For event details, click www.CowtownSpeedway.com then click the 'Cowtown Challenge' link for all of the details.


Mark your calendars now, you won't want to miss Saturday August 22nd at Cowtown Speedway, it's going to be a one-of-a-kind night filled with great action.


And don't forget that we will be hosting Midget Fan Fest prior to the night's races. Go to the track website and click the 'midget' link for complete details.

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There certainly will be additional Cowtown Challenge Bonus sponsors adding even more to these for tonight's Limited Modified event, but here's the official list at the moment:


$300 from Performance Transmissions of Kennedale TX; $300 from North Texas Windows of Ft. Worth TX;

$200 from Mid City McAndrew Motors of Arlington TX; $200 from Bonham Recovery Services of Ft. Worth TX; $100 from Andy Brewers

Automotive of Springtown TX; $100 from Marks Preferred Body and Paint of Bristol TX.


And LTD MOD drivers, remember, if you bring $100 or more in sponsor money to the track tonight then 100% of your sponsor funds will go right back in your purse in the form of the Cowtown Challenge Bonus.


However, if you choose not to participate in the promotion, then you have to pay a $50 entry fee which goes to the track.


Weather is looking great, will make for an excellent show!

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