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Turning my watch party into a benefit for my neighbor


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I am asking all my friends to help me in raising money and donations for my neighbor Lynette Jones. She lost everything in a home fire yesterday when the house she lives in was struck by lightning. She is a Single Mother, who just returned home from her 4th tour of duty in Iraq with the U.S. Army. Our watch party next week at Speedway Sports Bar will now be a benefit for Lynette and her Son.


She did not have renters insurance and very little was able to be saved. One thing I love about living here in Military City USA is the way we come together to help. She has given so much for us with her almost 20 years of service in the Army and 4 tours in Iraq. It's time to be able to help her when she needs it most.


Please try and at least stop by next Sunday and help us out.


Thank you...


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Still looking for cars, trucks, karts...


I am so blown away by this city's compassion. So many people will be coming out to the event. Let me know if you want to be a part of it as well...

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I may not make it as I am on call for my AT&T job. Are you planning on setting up any knid of account for people to give financially? I know times are very hard for many people, but this is an opportunity to give back to someone who has fought for our country! One thing I learned from my grandfather was giving in the time of need. Some of the best soil we can plant into is into a single parents life.


Please let me know via PM or email just in case I don't make it.




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Again, I would LOVE to show how the racing community is there when anyone needs so the more of you all out there, the better! Speedway Sports Bar 9055 Marbach Road This Sunday starting at Noon is the event...


Here is the ways to donate if you can't make it to Speedway Sports Bar on Sunday




IBC BANK Locations... Account #2410527345




or by paypal...dawnmurphy10@ymail.com




or you can take gift cards and money by John Mooring's State Farm Insurance office at 1901 PAT BOOKER RD UNIVERSAL CITY, TX 78148 210-658-6264 between 8:30 and 5:00 PM

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