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THR points fund benefit BBQ


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Check out the press release in the Press Release section for information about a BBQ deal at THR on March 26th. The money raised will go to the THR end-of-season driver point fund.


Anyone at the track that day - including spectators - is welcome to buy a plate.


The only catch is that they people who are donating the food need a rough idea how much they need to prepare. So.. If you think you will be there on Friday, the 26th, for practice and would like some of this great BBQ, please let them know by emailing them at thraceway@hotmail.com or calling the track answering machine (512-262-1352) and leaving a message? Please?


I will be at the track all day, so I'm putting myself down for a plate. And I imagine Big John will be ordering two!


Nick Holt

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Here's a PM I just received from Chuck Licata about the Friday BBQ at THR




Hey Nick,


I was wondering if it would make sense for you to make a post, asking all THR drivers, family members and crews to email us at thraceway@hotmail.com - if they haven't yet - to let us know if they're going to partake of the Friday BBQ, and how many people will be with them...Jim already has a number in mind, but I'd like to see if there are any "last minute" reservations...


What do you think?


Thanks, Chuck

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