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ARTS - Lonestar make up date

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ARTS - LONE STAR --- MARCH 16, 2004


The make-up date for the March 13 San Antonio Speedway event will be May 1st.

The original make-up date was to be May 29th, but conflicts with ROMCO, TSRS, ARTS and

San Antonio Speedway have forced this change.


Memorial Day Weekend Races


We are still scheduled to race May 29th in Altus, OK and May 30th in Wichita Falls, Tx in a combination

event with the USST Truck Series. We know that some of you have reservations about racing with this series, but all final results will reflect only the ARTS trucks entered into the events. Some are also concerned with the quality of driving of the other series. If this becomes a problem during the event, something will be done to handle the situation. Trust us, we would not put you into a situation, that we would not race in ourselves.


Also make sure that we have your contact information on race days, so that we can contact you if a situation like this past weekend occurs.



ARTS - Lone Star

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