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THR "Grand Marshall Plan"

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Thunder Hill Raceway Release: March 10, 2004


Thunder Hill Announces 2004 "Marshal Plan" to Honor Those Who Give to the Community


Kyle -- Thunder Hill Raceway owner and general manager Brian Callaway today announced plans to honor a "Grand Marshal" on each of the 25 scheduled race weekends at the seven year old facility. Those chosen will be honored for their work in charity, business, the media and even in racing, according to marketing director Chuck Licata. The Grand Marshals for the first two race nights, March 27 and April 10, will be announced within the next week.


“NASCAR's NEXTEL Cup series has a Grand Marshal at each of its 36 races,” Licata noted. “Their purpose, and ours, is to honor some of the many people who give to their community, mostly doing their work while shying away from the spotlight. Honoring them as Grand Marshals is one way to give them their due."


"We think those we honor as Grand Marshals should have the chance to share in the excitement and exhilaration that is a part of every race night," Callaway added. "Our goal in honoring a Grand Marshal is to thank them by letting them be part of our world for just one night."


Each Grand Marshal will be honored as part of the opening parade on race nights as they and their accomplishments are introduced to the crowd.




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