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Making sure everyone gets the word


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As I announced in the Press Release section, the Thunder Hill Raceway Saturday (March13) practice session has been moved to Wednesday, March 17 from noon until dark.


The other two open practice sessions are still Saturday, March 20, from noon until dark and Thursday, March 25, from 3 p.m. until dark.


Just want to be sure everyone gets the word.


Nick Holt

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Nick or Chuck,


This may be a good example of a topic deserving of some phone calls to the various drivers. I know of several drivers that don't do the internet much, and they may make the long haul on Saturday if they don't get a call.


Norm should probably update the internet site pretty quick also to let everyone know.


Just a thought,



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You read mine and Nick's mind. I am going to call "The Communication Committee" today and help get the word out to all THR drivers.


Thanks, Chuck

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