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The NASKARTS series has had 3 races this year...all ending with the same result. Lyndon Kirk(#5) wins his 3rd race in a row for the 2009 season!!! The evening started with the 8-Lap Heat Race. There was a a great battle up front with 3 drivers fighting it out for the Heat Victory and the chance to start on pole for the Main. Only 3 laps in the heat race, Richard Gonzalez(#17) (a 2009 Rookie NASKART Driver) Went from last to 1st going the long way around the field, who jumbled up early fighting for positions. Richard, driving a Smitty Built Motor powered kart, was in a battle with Team Rockhard Racing's Chris Terry(#24) and Marty Kreis(#29) up front vying for the win. Richard was able to hold off Chris at the Finishline by a mere .29 of a second with some rubbing and bumping happening all the way to end. And Marty Kreis finishing just 1.25 seconds behind them for third. With Travis Roberts(#55) & Lyndon Kirk(#5) finishing 4th & 5th in the heat race. With the racing we saw in the Heat race...the main was sure to have fireworks!


Because Richard Gonzalez(#17) is a rookie in the series, but also came in under weight after the heat race (minimum weight of 450 lbs, Richard came in at 448 lbs), He was delegated to the rear of the pack starting dead last. Chris Terry(#24) inherited the Pole Position with this teammate Marty Kreis(#29) starting outside pole, so it was Team Rockhard Racing up front ready to fight for a win. Right off the bat Chris Terry dominated the race leading the first 10 laps of the race, while his teammate was battling hard for 2nd with Travis Roberts(#55), Richard Gonzalez(#17) & Lyndon Kirk(#5). By lap 4 Richard had made his way around Lyndon around up behind Travis into 4th place where the 3 of them started drafting and "freight trained" past Marty. In the NASKART Series, drafting is very important at Thunderhill! Once past the 29, Marty picked up the draft of the 3 of them and the battle was on with positions changing every lap. They were able to catch Chris Terry(#24) on lap 11 with Lyndon Kirk taking the lead until the Competition Yellow came out on lap 12. With all the drivers packing up close to each other for the restart and getting a 2nd chance of a win....the real race started!! With a 8-lap dash to the end Chris Terry retook the lead on lap 16 with the #17, #5, #55 & #29 in full chase on his tail. On lap 18 Lyndon Kirk made his move to 2nd passing the 17 and hunting down the 24. With 1 lap to go Lyndon made his move with Richard(#17) drafting with him to pass the 24! Richard couldn't quite get passed the 24 and at the finish line you could have thrown a queen-size blanket over the 3 of them with Lyndon Kirk winning his 3rd race in a row and Chris Terry taking 2nd for the second straight race and Richard Gonzalez with another great finish of 3rd. Also on the last 2 laps Travis Roberts and Marty kreis were fighting it out for 4th place with Travis getting Marty, who finished 5th, by a a nose! only .091 of a second separated them!! What they didn't know was that had there been maybe 1 or 2 laps more, Megan Smith might have slipped into the 4th place spot with a great run at the end of the race. She finished 6th but had to earn every position she got with hard battles throughout the race.


Fast times for the NASKART race were: Richard Gonzalez with a fast lap of 17.295, Lyndon Kirk with a 17.299 and Chris terry with a 17.374. These times are as fast as the Allison series and faster than Grand Stocks, Thunder Stocks, Mini Stocks, Bandoleros and Pro Sedans!!


The NASKARTs next race is April 25th at Thunderhill Raceway!!!

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