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411 Motor Speedway Results 4-11-09 and Video

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Pure mini

1st Mark hittinger

2nd joseph cross

3rd robert stone

4th chris allen

5th anthony singleton

6th chris singleton

7th chris bowles

8th michael lambert

9th dalton king

10th jeff bean

11th adam engel

12th debbie singlton

13th david singleton

14th richard ford #24

15th eric bean

16th micky burris

17th j.d rector



1st robbie comer

2nd chase king

3rd robert martin

4th jeff flatford

5th steve hillard

6th danny floyd

7th barry shulur

8th clyde stanton



1st bart baxter

2nd drew kennedy

3rd joe keck

4th mack MCcarter

5th jay eubanks

6th marvin ray

7th phillip shockley

8th bobby bohanan

9th andy ogle

10th derek cole

11th marcus baxter


Mod Create

1st josh driskill

2nd luke fox

3rd rocky ogle

4th ted lowe


street stock

1st jason ogle

2nd brian watson

3rd jeff rife

4th travis reno

5th jon cook

6th shane bullock

7th eric white

8th keith gregory

9th reagan williams

10th justin McCarter

11th nick jones

12th bj williams


mod min

1st bryan gregory

2nd joey allen

3rd cindy poore

4th chris kelly

5th cory cate

6th kurt owens

7th chris bowles

8th erni collette

9th mark holbert

10th brian berkley

11th robert burris

12th daniel reese

13th brian dinkins

14th terry poore

15th jason moore

16th jose beal

17th tommy metler


Late Model

1st allen champ

2nd jason cardwell

3rd ross white

4th brad lowe

5th josh collins

6th ruben mayfield

7th jeff adkisson

8th greg estes

9th charles hurst

10th john burger

11th philip nichols

12th hugh scalf

13th jackie hughes

14th mike bright

15th frog ingle

16th johnny lane

17th eric tipton

18th butch bayless

19th rusty ballenger

20th ernie teaster




see everybody in a couple of weeks , gotta work next weekend.

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