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Casey Smith on the Pole at 5 Flags Tonight (4-10-09)


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Unofficial Finish


1. Johanna Long

2. Bubba Pollard

3. Ryan Sieg

4. Ryan Lawler

5. Ryan Crane

6. David Rogers

7. Casey Smith

8. Augie Grill

9. Cecil Chunn

10. Josh Hamner

11. Scott Carlson

12. Eddie Mercer

13. Ken McFarland

14. Hunter Robbins

15. Wayne Niedecken Jr.

16. Danny Bagwell

17. Tim Martin

18. Matt Smith

19. Mitch Cobb

20. Korey Ruble

21. Roger Reuse

22. John Bolen

23. Donald Long

24. Stanley Smith

25. Chris Davidson

26. Jeremy Colangelo

27. Steven Davis

28. Rocky Boyd Sr.

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True about Freddie Query, but he also helped Brian Scott and Brain did well, but Johanna at the age of 16 is already exceeding what Brian did. I truly believe that she is the female star that everyone has been looking for! The competion at the Blizzard races is top notch and she did wear them out! Casey was the only one that ran with her and she passed him on lap 60 or so! I would have liked to have seen what would have happened if Casey wouldn't have had the leak! The best I've ever seen him at Five Flags! He was bad fast too!

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I do not care what kind of equipment or who the crew chief is. When the car goes on the track it is in the drivers hands and she drove her A$$ off she passed four of the fastest cars in short track racing including the last two time Snowball winner Augie and Kyle Busches car. Landlord I will take you up on your little bet also, come see me Saturday.

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