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LoneStar Spedzone Question of the Week


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Happy Easter Weekend to Everyone... Hope you enjoy a little down time with family and friends. It may be an off weekend for the Cup guys, but the Nationwide Series is running and so is local racing.


We will preview it all this Saturday starting at 9 AM CST. don't forget, we now go TWO HOURS!!!


I actually have two questions this week...


One, with Jeff Gordon finally getting a win, is this Jeff's year to get his FIRST Chase Championship?


Also, at this point, if you had to pick a top 12 for the chase, who do you say makes it and who misses it!


Post it here or Give us a call at (210) 736-9760 or toll free at (800) 707-9760.


We stream LIVE at www.ticket760.com


Please guys, feel free to call in and promote and talk about your racing team, series, tracks... I love having you on!



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Jimmie Johnson

Jeff Gordon

Carl Edwards

Kyle Busch

Clint Bowyer

Tony Stewart

Mark Martin

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jeff Burton

Kasey Kahne

Denny Hamlin

Jamie McMurray

Unless something change's and pretty damn quick, I don't think the 88 will have a chance in hell making the chase(cain't find his pit's). But all of your other pick's, yep, and add the Biff, he's been running well to.

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