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Opening Night

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First let me start by saying a big THANKYOU to the racers that showed up on opening night. You racers were extremly patient with us as we blundered by overwatering! We WILL NOT make that mistake again.It created a whole host of issues for everyone that night. Thankyou Micky's Towing service for your tow truck. It was not the tow trucks fault they could not hook up and drag cars through the SLOP. That whole watering thing was my fault. I take the blame,Two weeks ago we were a bit dry and the last thing I wanted was a dry track so I went the other way but obviously just too far.To the racers I say I am sorry. The fans were GREAT!!! they loved all the action and I have not seen a croud at a dirt race track that large for years. We did our best to get around a bad situation and it worked out OK. I want to say that held up the program making us run much later than I would have hoped. You can count on more timely racing next time without distractions such as overwatering. I would also like to thank EVERYBODY for puting a positive spin on everything on these boards. It makes us feel very good to have such support from you all,THANKYOU. Our goals are the same,Make Shady Oaks Speedway the place to race with good organized efforts by all involved. We will make all the improovements that are needed ASAP and you can expect good racing here all summer.

Thankyou to all from our staff here,Jim Scribellito -Promoter

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