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Money Added to Purse for Remainder of Season

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Texana Raceway Park owners have added more money to the remainder of the 2009 season for Modifieds and Limited Mods. Modifieds get a bump up in 2nd and 3rd places. Modifieds will still be $800 to win, and now it has increased to $500 for 2nd, and $350 for third.


Limiteds have increased to $700 to win and $450 for 2nd. You can view the complete payout for all classes by visiting www.texanaracewaypark.org and clicking on the "drivers area" tab.


This will be the standard payouts for the remainder of the 2009 season unless additional money is added on specific nights, which would normally be announced in advance.


Also, note that April 11th will be the first scheduled Demo Derby following the features.


See you Saturday, April 11th!

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