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James Buescher top NASCAR Truck Rookie at Martinsville

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James Buescher top NASCAR Truck Rookie at Martinsville


Texan Jame Buescher, driving the International MaxxForce Diesel Ford, finished 11th last weekend at Martinsville to earn the Rookie of the Race honors.


Here's what James had to say about the race:


“Not a bad day at all. We were like 15th on that last restart, the green-white-checkered and got all the way up to 11th so that’s pretty good. Those guys wrecked down in the corner. I think we were down around 18th, 20th a couple laps before that. I guess the key here is to stay out of trouble. You wouldn’t know that we stayed out of trouble by looking at this thing. It’s pretty tore up [smiles]. The MAXXFORCE F-150 was pretty good. It was better toward the middle part of the race and started getting tight on us at the end. Just couldn’t get off the corners very well. We came in and pitted again and made another adjustment and went back after it. I’m surprised we made it up as far as we did ‘cause it was still pretty tight. These guys didn’t give up.”


How difficult is it to race here on old tires versus new tires?


“It’s not that hard, just because it’s so hard to pass. If you have old tires and you’re expecting to pass a bunch of people it’s not going to happen as easily as it is with new tires just because of lack of grip, especially for me because I was tight all day long. It was really, really hard to pass. You basically had to get into somebody’s bumper to get by ‘em. That’s what we had to do sometimes so we did it.”

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