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NasKarts has a good fiedl of rookies this year

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Congratulations to our rookie drivers for the 2009 season.


Andy, driving the #77 NasKart, Out of Houstn, Tx.

Kalibe, driving the #88 NasKart Out of Lakeway, Tx.

Richard, Driving the #17 NasKart. Out of SanAntonio, Tx.


These drivers have one more race where the NasKart Rules mandate they start in the rear of the field.

Richard qualified 3rd but was sent to the back for the main. He quickly drove the #17 to 2nd place for a while until Mike Steinman and Chris Terry schuffeled him back to 4th. He was holding his own until someone spun him comming out of turn 4.


Kalibe finally got the feel of the Dial-A-Jet, and was running in 4th with the leaders.


Andy had lots of straightaway speed, but because of worn rear tires and an oil leak throwing a little oil onto his right rear tire , he couldn't keep up in the corners.

He will have those issues resolved before next raceday and I am confident he will be a continder.


We are very happy to see the new faces this year. This is one of the most fun and competitive forms of racing.


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