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Yes, We got it all. Heats and Features. Wholly buckets.. When i watched them back I was like.. It don't get any better than this and its only week two? They got every incident on tape and its recording live to a DVR for instant playback if needed for Track officials. We are renting equipment now and shooting in HD. The DVD's will still be in Standard Definition but 16:9 wide format. The HD web video looks great. More on that to come soon. My cost have gone up but we are going to hold the prices the same as the last 3 years to make it affordable for everyone. So to keep those guys coming back. I am even buying dvd's for THR to have a copy,my sponsors and my own memories I want have for my grandkids someday. Thanks to LoneStar Speed Zone for letting me post.

Thad. AKA VideoGuy


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Thad just finished watching the DVD of the TSRS, great job!!! I don't think you guys missed a single incident and you did a good job of covering the whole field and not just the leaders and since I was in the back due to the damage from the lap one incident I and my sponsors appreciate that coverage. Good job!



Jeff O'Neill

#28 TSRS Late Model


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