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Signature blocks and Personal Profiles


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We are revising the "Advertising Policy" as it applies to Signature Blocks and Personal Profiles. Here is the section we are revising.


6) Signature blocks and personal profiles may include the names of, but not a link to, the race team’s sponsors. This may be a list or in the following format: “Your Name, driver of the Lone Star Speedzone, Nick Holt Suspension Seminars Pro Modified,” or “Your Name, crew chief on the Newstreamz Media, Joe's Coffee Shop Monte Carlo,” or something very similar. All fonts used in these two sections must be small and non-obtrusive.


We recognize that teams need to promote their sponsors and we know that Lone Star Speedzone can be helpful in getting their name, products and services out there by advertising with with us at Lone Star Speedzone.



The basic change is that we are now permitting more than just one sponsor in your signature block or personal profile. You may list your sponsors in either place, but with no links to their websites. This also means that "mini ads", such as "The best body shop in Texas" or "Eat at the Greasy Spoon" or "it'll put hair on your chest" and other slogans and mini ads are no longer allowed in either section.


Please revise your signature blocks and personal profiles to comply with this section. LSS moderators also have the right to change any and all signature blocks and personal profiles as they discover any that are out of compliance.


Thanks for your help with this.


Of course, any of your sponsors that also wish to advertise on LSS are welcome to contact me.



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