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Very impressive!

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I got to say I was sure hoping coming to practice Friday afternoon the old girl was going to be a good choice this year! I am very excited to say if the racing and program is anything like the facility then its a homerun! This track has always had special memories for me as a rookie driver back in '85.They have took the old facility and not only cleaned it up and put her back in shape but have upgrade about everything you could upgrade. Its obviously clear to me this is the place to be this year. I got this same felling last year at Edna who put on a great season last year and showed me that race tracks can treat their drivers with respect across the board. Things that stood out to me were the following.....


#1 - A complete rescue, fire, and safety crew including an ambulance ready to go. They appeared about as professional and ready to go as I have seen. They appeared to be very well equipped with everything needed.

#2 - Pit side was as clean and neat as any track I have been too. Bathrooms were ready to rock and clean. I am guessing the women's side was as good or better. Big thumbs up.

#3 - Tech area... Very nice building and area for the tech man to do his job. Good lights and covered concrete pad. Tells me they plan to use it as a tool for the track and drivers. Wonderful! It was as well fenced off with plenty of area for multiple classes.

#4 - Pit side PA System - You take this for granted but alot of tracks dont have one and you play the guessing game and do alot of walking back and forth when a track doesnt have one. Not only do they have one but it works well throughout the pits.

#5 - Never have I ever seen this. Toward the back half of the pits is a small concrete pad that is well lite up with trash cans and 2 brand new soda machines. Very driver and crew friendly for those pitting under the trees in the back. AWESOME! I will leave our cooler at home.... Just the thought of that and then doing it tells me how much thought process has gone into this track in a short amount of time.

#6 - Nothing and I mean no corners were cut anywhere you looked. Whatever they took on as a task they completed it and it was a finished project. I saw no ongoing projects that they were in the middle of. I am sure they still have things to do but not one eye sore on pit side.

#7 - Nice big pit admission building. Its nice and the ladies inside working it were as well very nice and ran us through the process.

#8 - A good presence of employees working gates and different areas. At no point did I see a lack of personel nor something not being attended to. The gate was actully opened for us when we left the track. Usually thats wide open after a certain time and anyone has access to pits.

#9 - This was only a practice night but they obviously used it as a dress rehersal to be ready for next week! Good job guys....

#10 - The overall structure and layout in the pits with fences and actual areas for cars to be routed as they come of the track in all directions was something alwats needed.

#11 - Pits were well lite, plenty of trash cans, and water outlets. Plus they worked !!!!!

#12 - I saw push tracks, wreckers and a nice nice water truck. All ran on their own and were not rust buckets. Good equipment that seemed to be ready to perform when called upon.

#13 - A new track side building that has a heck of a viewing platform on top of it. Underneith selling racing fuel. Very well stocked, prices were compatible no robbing of the drivers there. Plus workers inside ready to help.

#14 - Usually the day after recieving several inches of rain a track can rut up. Not Friday night it was in good shape.


Couple things from my observation...

#1 - I would have the rescue and firecrew in the infield. Maybe protected with a couple of concrete blocks. Having them on the outside of the heavy gates will take them a long time to get to an emergency. This may already be planned because the infield was alittle wet. From experience my best friend in a sprintcar caught on fire in the middle of 1 and 2. From the pit gate that is a long ways away when you need quick help.

#2 - The fuel building most definetely needs to not have anyone on top of the viewing plateform smoking a cigeratte.


Thats it you guys rock, you got it together, cant wait to see a boat load of cars next Saturday! Hope you make a million dollars....

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for going all out and not just going through the motions!

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