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Watch FOX-7 in Austin on Thusday evening!


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As I mentioned in a previous thread, Dennis Pena from FOX Sports in Austin came out to the track last Friday to do an inteview on the new TSRS mentoring program.


He spent some time interviewing 12-year-old Jake Wright (TSRS Allison Legacy #96) and his mentor 16-year-old Jake Kruger (TSRS Late Model #14). They also took some on-track videos and interviewed Mary Ann.


I got the note below concerning the air date:


I was just about to call you to tell you to tune in at 5:45 and 9:45 tomorrow (Thursday) evening... and maybe even the next day (Friday) in the morning show.


Thanks for the help the other day,

always fun to visit with you and Mary Ann,



Following the broadcast, I understand it will also be streamed on their website (for those of us who don't live in the Austin area): FOX-TV

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