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NASKARTS will Qualify on Time at the March 28th Race!

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Thunderhill Raceway has given the NASKARTS Sereis an opportunity to set our Lap time record by having a Qulifying session this week instead of a heat race. We will be given 2 laps to set our best time and then be gridded by our times for the Main. Rookies will qualify as well, but will be grid at the back of the pack as per the rules but in qualifying time order. This is a 1 race deal where we will qualify for main grid positions. Then we return to our regular system where we are gridded inverted by points with rookies gridded at back of grid. The April 25th race will be the first race where all rookies will be gridded by points as well. If anyone has any questions about this...please post a question or call me.



Mike Steinman



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