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Boyett Racing season opener puts #08 thru a "can opener"

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Press Release – Boyett Horsepower Racing – 3/23/09


After qualifying 4th and 7th, Gavin Boyett and Rusty Mirth of Boyett Horsepower Racing are glad to have the first race of the season past them…well, almost past, as we are still trying to piece together the jigsaw puzzle that once was the body parts of Gavin’s #08 and try to figure out what’s keeping the #07 off the pace, as we are quite certain it’s not the driver. Both drivers were hit with their own bad luck this weekend, Rusty in the #07 with powerplant issues and Gavin in the #08…well, what can we say. He was a rocket, just not a very pretty one!!! In the sage words of on-looker and Allison old-timer Bob Riley (paraphrased) “I guess that shoots down the concept of aero” as we all watched Gavin’s skeleton of a car shoot toward the front after two unfortunate “incidents”.


We are waiting on the video from the Thad this week to try to sort out all our questions on the incidents, but suffice it to say, the announcer had a great time with our version of the “Nascar cutaway car”. Mom and crewmembers Scott and Taylor did their 20 second “bodywork” on the car to get it back out on the track before the race went green, but didn’t foresee the much talked about hood incident in turn 1 after the #08 re-entered the track.


As Gavin got his #08 back up to the pack, the car decided that hoods were overrated and the disposed of it in an orderly fashion, much to the surprise of both driver and crew. Luckily the hood blew neatly into the infield and out of harms way. Most surprising to the driver was that for a split second, the hood was out-running him. Again, hoping that one is on the video so we can all get a good laugh out seeing it again. At this point, we found out how much the little 2200 truck engines like cool air!!!


Rusty Mirth in the #07 clearly drove a last place car with skill; so much so as to finally move it up to a fifth place finish. Since the car was obviously on a rail at the bottom of the track, we will be taking a long hard look at our motor this week.


Crewchief Chad Malin managed to put both cars on that rail around the track. His ability to read the car continues to impress all. We just hope we can keep the other scavengers (not naming names, but they know who they are ) away long enough to keep him for a season.


All in all, a very rewarding weekend of racing at Thunderhill. A lot learned!!



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