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Texas Fast Tracks Season Opener

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The new racing season at Texas Fast Tracks starts this Tuesday, March 24th, at 8pm. Race our slick karts to win cash every week. Race for the night ($35 entry fee) or collect points for the season ($45 entry fee includes 15 lap practice). Weekly 1st place winner takes $10 from registrations 6-25. Season purse is $5 from registrations 6-25. Season pays through 8th place. Prizes depend on attendance so bring your friends!


“Returning Racer” and “Bring a Friend” $5 discounts available if you register before 8pm. “Returning Racer” must have registered for last week’s race to qualify. “Bring a Friend” racer must bring a new driver to participate in the race.


20 lap heats, 25 lap main. Max 6 karts per heat, 8 per main. Email us for the complete race rules and season information.


Congratulations to last season’s winners (left to right) Third place Bobby Smith, First place Larry Ashby, and Second place Scott Dunn.


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