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March 20th


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Well everyone, lets try this again!!!


This friday is our opening race night, sponsored by WOW Sportz.


Gates open at 4pm

Hot Laps at 8 pm

Races start at 8:30 pm


Classes being run are:


Pure Stocks

Street Stocks

Limitd Late Models

IMCA Southern Sport Modifieds



Since this is our first race of the year, it will be a draw re-draw. And it will be a points night.


If you haven't already done your car registrations, its $50.00 (except the frontrunners, there is no registration).

For the IMCA Sport Modifieds, if you haven't already done your IMCA registrations, you can either go to ==>IMCA Site or you can fill out the paperwork at the track. If you order it off the IMCA site, you save $5.00.


*** Note to all drivers - we will be doing a pre-safety check on all cars. Make sure you meet all requirements (driving suit (no holes), helmet, gloves, fire extinguisher (in car & 1 on trailer), etc......) Also, ALL CARS (except the frontrunners) MUST HAVE A FLAPPER VALVE / ROLLOVER VALVE OR AIRCRAFT STYLE CAP. THIS IS MANDATORY. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT, YOU DO NOT RACE. PERIOD!

This is for your safety. If you need one or have any questions about them, please call Gary Swenson at 210-378-4848.



If anyone has any questions, please contact me @ 210-478-0111.

See everyone friday.

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