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S&O Truck Series!


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Season 2 of S&O Friday Night Truck series will be begining soon! Me and Onion have made a few changes. We have decided to change up the ratings a little bit so here are the new ratings, SS-4, SW-3, ST-1, LPI-30. We are hoping these ratings will help for more people to join because we understand a 40 LPI can be hard to maintain. In Season 2 we will have a 10 week schedule which will include 1 road course right in the middle of the season which will be Portland Internatinal by PWF, you can get it at www.projectwildfire.com . There will also be 3 Night races, Daytona Night, Richmond Night, and Bristol Night. You can see the Schedule HERE! All the Race Details and Rules will remain the same...

Race Details,

> 30 LPI Minimum

> Friday Nights

> Server will open 8:00PM EST

> Qualifying will start 9:00PM EST

> 30% Race Length

> 2x Pits

> Yellows On

> Driving Aids Available

> Open Setups

> Moderate Damage

You can View rules at our site at http://www.thesparkster.oteracing.net/soleague .

If you wish to join email us with your Sierra name, #, and truck file at soadmins@thsleague.com

Tell your buddys, friends, pals, folks, bro's, everbody, about us! We hope to have a good season and want to provide the FUNNEST, MOST EXCITING, racing possible!




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