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San Antonio Speedway Earnings


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As far as the post season for 2-4 unless fascar or other groups or sponsors show up the only post season money comes form Nascar and it is a percentage of the money sent to them from the back gate and the cooperate sponsors of the weekly series (not a lot).


But if you are 1st you are automatically in the top 10 in the region which will get you from $45,000 to $3000 depending on your placement in the top 10. If there are enough cars at the track on a weekly basis and you have a good win, top 5, top 10 you could when the big money.


Unfortunately most people who could or would run don't seem to understand the rules or the pay structure. So what has happened is that the rules have been changed with the hope they will draw more cars. But unfortunately no one has explained or marketed why the racers need to come an race at SAS other than they opened up the rules and made the existing rule book strict late models worthless.

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