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I robbed Peter so I could pay Paul.

I'm waiting on a sponsor to return my calls.

The only call I get is just bad news-

There has been a rule change from the heads I use!


So now I've got parts that I can't run,

And knowing my luck the changes are'nt done.

I'm tired and broke-sore and hurt,

I never thought fun could be so much work.


The start of the season is not far away-

And the need list gets longer everyday.

Sometimes I wonder what started this mess.

My income is the same as my hobby progressed.


I will probably make due with last seasons springs-

Just so I can order a few more things.

When the sponsor finally calls it's not what I thought-

He wants to trade out his product for the space he has sought?


My name is not Waltrip,Labonte or Burton-

So with (insufficient funds) I will keep on flirting.

On a Saturday night when you're watching us run-

Please remember where the money does'nt come from....




- Shawn Paul Lehman

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I wanna dance,be a dancer,dance the day away!!!!!But what was I saying,OH getta job.Got one but it aint dancin'....I wanna race,be a racer,race the day away.This means somethin'?

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