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If I added right,he is now only 3 points out of 2nd place for the overall points championship.The locals that know THEIR track are who he is having trouble with,if you look at his last 2 finishes he beat all the regulars in the ASA SAT series.Every track he has been too this season (with the exception of MIS) has been Stephans first time on them.These east coast guys drive these tracks and know them like the back of their hand so it makes it even harder to compete.Mike has worked really hard in the shop and it has shown up on track.Matt Smith has won three in a row at Houston and Stephan has been running up front all season long.Congratulations and keep up the hard work guys it's paying off!!!!!! :)

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1. 74 Jay Middleton 1295


2. 40 Taylor Satterfield 1093


3. 1 Stephen McCurley 1089


4. 2 John Bolen 1082


5. 47F Chris Fontaine 1062


6. 31 Tyler Millwood 986


7. 83 Scotty Ellis 939


8. 04 Jerrod Foley 902


9. 5 Preston Peltier 812


10. 89 Jess Mattox 784



I miss calculated,Stephan is 4 points out of 2nd place.With only 2 races left and as close as the points are through 7th place,anything can happen!!!!!The 1st place car however will have to have some bad luck at both races for his status to change.That guy has had a phenominal year.Even when lady luck was not in his car,she was hanging out in his pits. :) but hey,thats how championships are won and lost and the guy is a great driver and has an awsome crew.It will be interesting to see how things turn out!!!!!

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