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Old Family Race Pics


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[resized and reformated by Nick Holt, 9/22/08]


This was a go-kart track at Playland Park. It has my grandpa, Larry Schild and Denny Burton in the 2 karts with Burton Motors on them. I am not sure who the others are.



This is Playland Park - my great grandfather Charles Ray Schild #5 and I'm not sure who the 88 is? Look at how many people are there!




More old pics from family!

My other grandpa - Mike Crofford at Meyer Speedway.




I am not sure who everyone is..

I know - Ronnie Chumley, my grandpa Larry Schild & Phil Cronin (last 3 on the right)




Grandpa Larry Schild

Meyer Speedway

Look at the scoreboard!



My Grandpa - Larry Schild - Modified

Meyer Speedway


I am not sure of the years, I forgot to write them down when they were telling me!





My Great Uncle - Jerry Schild's cars



Mason Mitchell #57post-3-1222133532_thumb.jpg

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The early/mid '50s Stock Car picture of the #5 & #88 may actually be from Arrowhead Spdwy that was located on O S T near N Stadium Dr. It had a covered main grandstand, not far from Braes Bayou.

The group picture appears to be late '60s, and the 3 drivers on the left, I believe, are George Nash, Munson (Little Munson) Stodder III, and Bill Blumrick.

The #07 Monte Carlo is most likely from '74, when it was legal for NASCAR GN/Cup events. Driven by Jerry Schild, entered in 6 events, and qualified and raced in 5 events, with a best finish of 8th in the '74 Southern 500 at Darlington, SC, as I recall. In '75, due to the 3 model year rule, it was then raced as a Late Model Sportsman in the Daytona 300 and possibly other Super Spdwy events, driven by Jerry Schild. In '76, it was driven in the Daytona 300 by Larry Schild, and had a crash and was hit hard on the driver's side. It was #7 in some, possibly all, of the LMS events. So the #7 Daytona picture is from either '75 or '76. But, same car.

The #44 Super Modified picture, I believe, is about '72, and the #11 Nova bodied Late Model is about '77.

If I were trying to guess, I would think that the Mike Crofford picture is from about '73.

As for the Quarter Midgets, I also can only recognize Denny Burton and Larry Schild. I am not familiar with the track pictured, and actually only attended a few QM events in the late '50s.

Speaking of grandstands, look at Daytona and Talladega. And, that was before Cable TV coverage became what it is now.

Thanks for posting some great pictures.

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