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$1k to win Mods, $800 to Win Limiteds / Sport Mods

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This Saturday, September 27th will be an action packed and exciting night at Texana Raceway Park. All classes except Super Stocks are racing.


It is the last night of points racing and it will be double points for heats and features. Class Champions will be determined on this night!


Plus it will be $1,000 to win in Modifieds and $800 to win in Limiteds..... And, $35 extra added to the regular purse for feature starters in Mods and Limiteds, for 2nd - back. It will be a minimum pay back of $85 in Mods and $75 in Limiteds, just to start the feature.


Following all features, it will be a Parents in the Mini-Stocks Challenge, Power Puff Races and Mechanics Races.


Listen to KIXS, 107.9 FM later this week for commercials and tell your friends and neighbors about Texana Raceway Park this Saturday. Don't miss the final points night of the season, this Saturday - September 27th at Texana Raceway Park.

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In response to a few questions received:


Parents in the Mini-Stocks Challenge: This special challenge is for anyone parent (uncle's, aunt's, or whoever) in the teen's cars, even if the parent is currently racing in another class. Actually, the vast majority of the teen's have a parent who race in another class. So, it is okay to be a currently registered adult in another class and compete in this event.


Mechanics and Powder Puff Races: Each of these events are intended for someone not currently racing in a class.



Let's have some Fun!

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To add to the excitement for this weekend, there are only two classes that have a definite champion before Saturday. First, the Super Stock champion is G.W. Hessong as that class completed their last night of points competition for 2008 on Sept. 6th.


Mathematically, Nick Hardcastle has secured the Modified class championship with more than a 250 point lead over Jesse Manning.


Congratulations to G.W. and Nick! Your dedication and hard work paid off....


Now, all of the rest of the class champions are mathematically up for grabs. What makes this even more dramatic is that this Saturday is double points. While five classes remain with potential scenarios for class champions, the Texana Classic Dwarfs are definitely the closest. It is likely that the Texana Classic Dwarfs championship could come down to the very last lap, given the points runners are always strong finishers.


Texana Raceway Park would like to wish good luck everyone this Saturday and extra good luck to the potential points champions in the Chase.


This will create some excitement for every heat race and every feature this Saturday.

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Racing starts at 7:30 pm.


Draw ends at 6pm.



This week we will again have two featured drivers before the races get under way. And, this week it is two Mini-Stock competitors. Our featured drivers are Ms. Patricia Lucas, driver of the #22 Mustang II, and Mr. Chase Sanchez, driver of the #63 Chevy mini-truck. Patricia and Chase will be in the general admission area around 6:30 pm with their rides signing photographs and providing a chance for the fans to see their vehicles up close. TRP is very proud of all the teens in the mini-stock division this year and has enjoyed watching everyone increase their driving skills as the season progressed. A great group of teenagers competing this year and only fitting to let two of them be the featured drivers on our last night of points competition in 2008. Congratulations to all of our racers of tomorrow.


See ya Saturday!

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