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Nick's annual suspension seminar coming soon!


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It’s time to make plans to attend my annual Austin area Suspension Seminar this fall from Tuesday, November 4, through Tuesday, December 2, five Tuesday evenings in a row from 7 until 10 p.m. We’ll be holding the seminar at Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle, Texas, in their comfortable meeting room which also serves as their tech area.


This suspension engineering seminar is designed to provide racers with a comprehensive understanding of how and why an asphalt stock car suspension works using language that most of us racers can easily understand. I even provide class notes that coincide with each class session as well as some software that computes “ballpark” spring rates for your car.


Hundreds of area racers have attended this seminar over the past 20 years, many more than once!


I find that most racers have a pretty good idea about what seems to work for their car, but many don’t have a clear idea of how the entire car works and how they could make some basic changes to their car to make their car much faster through the turns. Well, here’s a great opportunity to learn what many of the front-runners already know – how to get the most out of their chassis and suspension setups.


Speaking of great opportunities, dirt SportsMod and Limited Modified teams who are planning to run on asphalt at THR next season really ought to send their driver and crew chief to this five-week class. In fact, if the driver and crew chief attend together, the crew chief is goes for half price!


This seminar usually fills up fairly quickly since I keep the class size small to make sure everyone understands the material as we go along.


The cost for the five-week seminar is $300. If you attend with your crew chief, he or she is half price.


I want to thank Mary Ann Naumann for opening up her Thunderhill Raceway facilities for us again this year. You’re the best, Mary Ann!


To download registration and flyer click here >> seminar.pdf



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Some of the folks I talked to this past weekend asked me questions. Let me try to answer them here as well since others probably have the same questions.


1) Who attended the Seminars this past off season?


Here is that list and if I've forgotten anyone, please let me know:


Brent Bell

Tony Boyett

Chris Birmingham

Bobby Burrows

Robert Carson

Deed Dupont

Chip Godfredson

David Good

Steve Green

Arthur Hermiz

James Huff

Donny and Brandon Kelley

Ted Kerr

Todd McLemore

Tim Spahr

Brent Thor

Terry Tschoerner

Barry and Josh Tuttle

Arden Vikre


2) And who else has attended in years' past?


I didn't always keep the best records, but from what I can piece together, here is a list of folks who have attended in the past. Again, if I have forgotten someone, please let me know.


Jeff Alaniz

Preston Andres

Joe Aramendia

Carolyn Aramendia

Doug Ayers

Mike Balzer

Terry Barden

James Baum

Hubert Bean

Louis Beaver

Becky Benker

Terry Bentley

Terry Bernsen

Slim Bethune

Eddie Bierschwale

Roland Borches

Buck Borlace

Bob Boudreaux

Tim Brokaw

Bill Brown

Aaron Brungot

Ron Brown

Vernon Burk

Billy Burkett

Dee Call

Robert Carter

Kyle Carter

James Cates

Keith Clagett

James Clements

James Cobarruvias

John Cooper

Paul Costas

Harlin Covert

Earl Cradoct

Jim Creech

Timmy Croft

Cliff David

William Davis

Rick Dawdy

Russell Dechert

Jerry Dechert

Damon Detmer

Robert Diaz

Frank Dickson

Jerry Dodson

Robert Dose

Will Dozier

Curtis Drosche

Scott Easterling

Karl Eddlemon

Craig Estabrook

Mike Evetts

Chuck Farrell

Todd Farris

Eddie Flestler

Darrell Forrest

Jack Foy

Jamie Fuller

Juan Garcia

Richard Garcia

Jamie Garner

Keith Garrett

Ray Gay

Steve Gehrlien

Ronnie Gerdes

Robert Gilstorf

Tommy Gural

Kevin Hallman

David Hanna

Frank Hanrahan

Al Harley

Lloyd Hart

Brian Haugh

Adam Haugh

Mike Hayashi

Mark Hegemeyer

Joey Heinaman

Walt Heinig, Jr

Walt Heinig, III

Ward Heinrich

John Hernandez

Jason Hollander

Jim Holley

Don Holmes

Matt Howell

Kenny Huggins

Brit Ingram

Gary Ison

Anthony Jetter

Eric Johnson

Richard Johnson

Frank Johnson

Tony Johnson

Darrell Jones

Ron Jones

Bill Kaiser

Joe Kaiser

Brad Kerfoot

Rex Kerfoot

Steve King

Lamar King

Mike Knotts

Kevin Kott

Bruce Krahn

Mel Krauss

Milton Krauss

Ronnie Krueger

Jeff Latham

Larry Latham

Mike Lauer

Steve Lawson

Dennis Lege

Doug Lege

Norman Lehman

John Leonard

Frank Linden

Dennis Loehlfing

Larry Long

Jim Longoria

Randy MacDowall

Rod Magee

Chad Malin

Kelly Marbach

Tod Marbach

Kirk Markos

Jimmy Mason

Tator Mason

Jim Masters

Keith McFarland

George McGrand

Heather McLean

Bubba Menard

Chad Menard

Mike Merritt

John Meyer

Jeff Minor

Bill Mitchell

Trey Mitchell

Joe Mixon

Sean Moore

Gene Moretich

Ray Myers

Joe Napoleon

Bubba Naumann

H.E. Naumann

Ken Neal

John Nick

Jerry Nix

Jason Oates

Mark O'Donnell

Scott Oefinger

Frank Opiela

Mark Opiela

Pat Orrick

Joe Osborne

Douglas Ott

Howard Park, Jr

Keith Patrick

Pat Patton

Danny Patton

Buddy Pavlich

John Payne

Rene Perez

John Phelan

Jim Phillips

Mike Potter

Mark Rahn

Jason Ray

Tank Rhoades

Steve Richter

Bob Riley

Eddie Ringland

Tommy Rohan

Mel Ryan

David Sanford

David Scales

Robert Scarborough

Teddy Schild

Chris Schild

Lorna Schnase

Marcus Sebesta

Bob Seeger

Tommy Sheffield

Bob Slezinsky

Thomas Smith

Tom Smith

Cody Smith

Steve Smith

Bob Smith

Steve Smith

Chris Snocker

Bruce Sommers

Jerry Spencer

Chase Stapp

James Stewart

Tom Teel

John Thomas

Duane Toyne

Alex Tradd

Terry Tschoerner

Mike Turcotte

Mona Turner

Barry Tuttle

Melody Tuttle

Louis Upton

Annette Vandenbrook

T.L. Vanderveer

Leland Waddell

Okey Wagner

Doug Welch

Loren Welch

Robert Walton

Tommy Wendel

Mike Westwood

David Wiede

Paul Wilke

Frederick Wolfe

William Woller

Greg Wood

Jerry Wren

John Young

Ellard Yow

Kyle Yuchinski

Joe Yuchinski


I'm sure there's someone on these two lists whose name you recognize.


3) Why does the seminar cost so much?


It costs just enough to keep the attendance up. If people start missing class, that means the price will go up in the following year. This is valuable information worth far more than $300. You will get your money back many times over if you pay attention and apply what you learn to your race car. I've seen guys buy a new set of tires every race only to burn them off because of a poor race setup. Or buy a new "trick Carb" every time they hear of one via the "trick of the week" grapevine. This is not trick of the week stuff. It's the same sort of suspension engineering information you would get by attending a college specializing in racing technology only I don't use all the big words they do in college. I'm a racer and I use words and examples that racers understand.


I do require that everyone pay for this seminar, but I do limit the class size to around 10 people. If I were doing this to get rich, I'm not doing a very good job, right? I'm doing this because I enjoy helping people learn how a suspension system really works and get a big kick out of watching their progress as they apply what they have learned to their race car. And I keep the class size small so that I can better tell when someone is having trouble grabbing hold of this concept or that concept. And if someone absolutely has to miss a class, I will arrange to meet privately with that person for a one-to-one make up session before the next class.


Also, if a driver and crew chief attend together, the crew chief is half-price. And if you repeat the seminar in the future, the third time is free.


And I will allow people who attend the seminar to make "payments" as we go through the 5-week course. But I do require at least a $100 deposit to reserve a seat...


I still have room for several more folks since some of the people who told me they wanted to attend have not sent in their registration forms yet.


Let me know if you have more questions.



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I've had several people ask if they can make payments instead of paying the $300 registration fee up front.


Yes, but I need a $100 deposit to save you a seat. Then make $50 payments at the first four class sessions.


Also, for the Austin seminar (and maybe the Houston seminar as well) J.C. and David Umscheid have agreed to share a few of their speed secrets at our last class session. Both these guys know their stuff.


And, of course, we will also be inviting Chris and Gary Swenson to talk about the latest shock technology on the same night.


Still have a few openings for this seminar which is kind of surprising since these seminars have filled up in a hurry in the past.



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The Houston Seminar dates are January 13 though February 10, 2009 - that's every Tuesday evening for five weeks 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.


The announcement and registration form are posted here >>Houston Seminar announcement and Registration form


I'll be pleased to add your name to the list. How many spots will you need?



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The Houston Seminar dates are January 13 though February 10, 2009 - that's every Tuesday evening for five weeks 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.


The announcement and registration form are posted here >>Houston Seminar announcement and Registration form


I'll be pleased to add your name to the list. How many spots will you need?




2 spots Jake and I can learn a ton at this. I will go and register



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With just over a week remaining before the first seminar session at THR, I still have a couple of slots available.


I know finances are tight this time of year, but a payment plan is available and, frankly, you will save more in tire expenses next season than you'll invest in this opportunity to learn about what makes race cars fast..



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The five-week suspension engineering seminar starts this Tuesday at Thunderhill Raceway.


For the first time ever, I still have spots available. Usually the class fills soon after it's announced. So, this will probably be the last time I conduct the seminar in the Austin/San Marcus area for a while. If you've been thinking about attending but have been putting it off, be warned that you might have to travel quite a distance to get to the next one.



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We just finished this five-week seminar last night (Dec 2). Fourteen drivers and team members participated. Lots of light bulbs turned each week and judging from the evaluations everyone got a lot out of the course.


I personally enjoyed the shock presentation by Robby Davidson. That "see through" shock was really awesome. You could watch the shims actually work and the "see through" demo of caviation was a real eye-opener for me.


And a special thanks to Mary Ann Naumann for the use of the meeting room at Thunderhill Raceway.



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