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Brian Moczgemba learns from Texas racing legend (uncle) Aramendia

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Brian Moczgemba learns from Texas racing legend (uncle) Aramendia


Austin, TX (September 18, 20080 - Brian Moczygemba (pronounced “much-a-gemba) is getting the kind of “tutorship” in racing that local racers could only dream of.


His uncle is one Joe Aramendia (pronounced “Are-a-MEN-dee-ya), a San Antonio racing legend who’s conquered the local tracks and raced in NASCAR’s Craftsman Truck Series and the then-Busch Series, among others.


There’s not too much Joe hasn’t seen on or around the race track and “B” (as he’s known to many) gets to benefit from Aramendia’s wisdom. Although, it’s not all “fun and games” with “Uncle” Joe.


“It’s kind of frustrating at times,” Moczygemba explained with a smile. “He (Joe) expects 10 times as much out of me as I expect out of myself. He helps give me the best car out there and he expects me to win every time. Of course, he’s got so much experience – more than anyone out there – so it’s understandable.”


Moczygemba said he started racing late models in July of 2004 at the age of 17; he’s now 22 (his birthday was Aug. 28) and in his fourth season of racing. His uncle has been more than a mentor to the San Antonio resident.


“Oh yah,” Moczygemba started, “(Joe) has taught me everything I know about racing – and I mean everything! He’s showed me work ethic, driving style, how to work on the car, everything about a car, moral values – basically, everything. He’s taught me how to drive other people on the track, how to drive them with respect and to give respect to all other drivers.”


But don’t think that it’s Joe’s desire to succeed that “drives” Brian – instead it’s Moczygemba himself. He feels he should be realizing a little more success than he has – even though he’s been in the Top 3 in the TSRS overall points standings all year; he’s scored nine Top-10s (and six Top 5s) in nine TSRS starts; and, he’s only eight points behind Robert Barker (Boerne, TX) for second in the overall standings.


“I would definitely be further along than I am,” Moczygemba explained. “Being 22, I’d like to be racing around the country. Competitively, I’m where I need to be, and I can only hope to improve and get bigger and better.”


Moczygemba, who trails points leader Heath Stewart (Del Valle, TX) by 122 points, summarized his TSRS season this way. “It’s had its ups and downs,” he stated. “It’s been a frustrating season of sorts. I haven’t had any mechanical failures, I’ve made some mistakes as a driver. I got a win early in the season (April 26th) but haven’t (scored) one since. I’m not happy running third to Heath Stewart (in the points standings), but really, no one’s had anything for him at all. He’s a great driver and has had a great season.”


Moczygemba added, “I’ve also been a little frustrated (by not winning) the Fast Qualifier Award at a race this season. I’ve been second plenty of times but would like to win it (outright).”


Moczygemba had plenty of good things to say about his crew – Aramendia, Homer Pitner, Keith Garrett, Kenny Hurley and others. “They’re awesome; I wouldn’t be where I am without them. We all put in a lot of hours – this is a business for us, it’s not a hobby. I wouldn’t want to go racing without them nor would I want to go racing against them.”


Moczygemba and his #50 Aramendia Plumbing crew is sponsored by Premier Minerals, Inc. and Frank Gabrysch, Southwest Paint & Body, Royal Purple and G.T. Sirizzotti Excavating.


Information on TSRS can be found at www.manracingpromotions.com. Information about THR can be found at www.thunderhillraceway.com.


Photo credit: Jeff Garvin, http://gdphotoworks.dotphoto.com


Joe Aramendia (#79) is a racing legend in Texas and now the former Craftsman Truck Series driver/Busch Series driver is grooming his nephew, Brian Moczygemba, who's driving right behind him in the #50 Aramendia Plumbing Chevrolet Monte Carlo.


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