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Thunderhill Raceway Newsletter

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To print the newsletter, click and download the following PDF file: THRNewsletterSept16PageVersion.pdf

To visit the websites mentioned in the newsletter, click on the following links:

Thunderhill Raceway – http://thunderhillraceway.com

TSRS Late Models – http://manracingpromotions.com

ASA Point Standings – http://speednetdirect.com


To submit news items or comments, contact Debbie Williams at debbie@thunderhillraceway.com.


If you wish to add an e-mail address or be removed from future releases of the Thunderhill Raceway Newsletter, please send me an e-mail at debbie@thunderhillraceway.com.

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I disagree. It could be better. You didn't mention anything about trains, trucks, momma or getting drunk.




On EDIT & Post Script,

Jody Wayne loves Debbie Williams. Mmmm hmmmm.

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We're still working out all of the kinks on the schedule, but all classes (including the local THR classes) will qualify on Friday night - excluding the Dwarfs, Texas Pro Sedans and NasKarts.


We are having "last chance" qualifying on Saturday for anyone who can't make it on Friday - one lap only.


We're really trying hard to finalize the schedule and get it posted.

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Deb, Great work on the initial newsletter. Looking forward to future editions.


Everyone else:

You can subscribe to this newsletter if you have not already and it will get

to you in your email instead of you having to locate it on the Speed Zone.

Very last sentence has subscription information.

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