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Upper Texas Coast Destroyed

vl racing

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First off I would like to say congratulations to the Floyds on the new racecar driver, and also to "DOC".

I was in the Houston area all day yesterday delivering some ice, water, food, and misc. supplies, and my race trailer generator to some family members that live in Channelview on the east side of Houston off I-10. The destruction that is in that area is simply horrible; there are entire communities that are simply gone...slabs and sand! In some areas around like crystal beach, and the Bolivar peninsula, they are still looking for bodies in the debris, the horror stories go on and on, but I think you get the point.

So I ask please, If you are an electrician or have some time to help hand out ice, and water, Please let your conscious be your guide. As of the end of yesterday there were still 1.5 million people without electricity. FEMA, well mayor White I should say was just starting to setup and hand out supplies yesterday, the idiots at FEMA didn’t think they needed anyone to deliver the supplies, so volunteers that have a means of travel are handing out the MRE’s and ice and water at the pods(point of distribution) that the mayor eventually took from FEMA and set up. FEMA is a joke! Sorry had a small rant attack.

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