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strom results from an old friend


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I got a call from my old boss of 25 years lives in Houston on his cell phone he made it OK a little water in house no damage some trees down no utilites he said he is going out today and try to buy a generator I said I thought that was a futile attempt as they are trucking them in from Corpus read of the massive destructive in Houston and Galveston has anyone heard from anyone else how about you Speed Demon 7 ?

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We made it though ok. Some water damage from driving rain in our new house; less than 6 weeks old. The old house has 4 trees down, with one landing on my old truck. The truck has more sentimental value than real value. We had more rain Sunday than we did though the hurricane. If the water came up another foot we would have had water in the new house. We are 32 feet above sea level. We live less than a mile from the bay in Beach City, we are east of Houston. During the time the eye came over the house we went out to survey the damage. My neighbor directly across the street lost his house, luckily it wasn’t completed. A friend of mine lives about 2 mile down the road, he said his neighbor is a pilot for Fed-Ex, he had a professional weather station at his house. The highest recorded winds were 130 MPH, don’t know if that was the highest because it blew off the house. I don’t have power or water, but I did rig up my generator to run some things in the house. I did the same for a couple of my neighbors.

Speed Demon lives in or near Willis I believe and they had just as much destruction there. I haven’t talked to him, It’s just what the news has reported.

Good Luck to the others that were affected and continue to pray for all of us. We’re very blessed we have a home. A lot of people in Galveston and the sounding area have nothing.



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