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Just talked to Mr. Huff and wanted to pass along that he and family are alright, they "rode" out the storm in Waller, Tx only slight damage to there place in Houston, no electric, phone, internet..etc.. he said HMP had some lights down other than that thought it was alright.

He was on a "mission' looking for fuel had been all around town and said people were sitting at close stations waiting for it to open, he had a full tank of diesel and was headed towrd Katy and possibly beyond to find it. Just wanted to pass along the news..

Pray for everyone in that region, I know there are alot of people not as lucky

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:D:D WOW!!

just got store bought 'lectristy back. AND I found out zackly how to make it happen.

All that is required is to load all your gas cans and your racecar fuel barrel then drive a hunderd

miles where theres no line and no limit on gallons--fill everything up and one hour after you get

back SHAZAM you get what they said you wouldnt have for one to two weeks.Works every time.

Anyhoo thyanks for all the concern and prayers.We got some minor damage to an old buildingthat we stonr tires in and lost part of the roof on a tractor shed.we certainly dodged that bullet.

So be careful what ya say about me now cause im watchin. :angry:


j huff

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