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Recap of the NasKarts Drivers and owners meeting

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Mike Steinman has posted the changes in the race schedule.


We also came to a consisus on the new NasKarts Headquarters. We have moved ahead and signed the lease. We will take posesion right away.


Graham, at Iron Rock is ordering Transponders for the guys who do not have them. Everyone will need their own by the November 8th Houston Motor Sports Park race. Contact Graham for special NasKart priocing.


Side straps are now in. Everyone is required to have them instaled by the next race at Thunder Hill on the 20th. Contact Mike Steinman to get a pair.


Mike also has Thunder Hill approved number sets for everyone. Get with him and get the new more visible numbers installed on your karts before the next race.


Driving suites will be required before the start of next season. Check with some of the guys regarding where you can get them, if you do not currently have one.


Driscal Stalworth, our 2007 NasKarts points champion, will be comming out of retirement to compete in the 2009 NasKarts points series. We welcome him back.

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