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Old TIDA LM pic


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Well Nick - That photo does bring back some good memories.


The #49 was a V-6 Camaro driven by Keith Riethmeyer. The picture was taken at Sooner International Raceway in Altus, Oklahoma.


As to when it was taken ... if it was at the April 4, 1993 race, Keith would remember that event because he won the 50 lap TIDA Late Model Series race on that date. If it was at the May 29, 1994 race, Keith Riethmeyer would remember that event because he won the 100 lap TIDA LM Series race on that race date.


SIR was a very fast 1/2 mile, very high banked D shaped oval. The track featured no walls, except on the main straight-a-way. SIR was the fastest short track oval on which TIDA-LM raced. David Umscheid holds the standing record with a 16.906 second track record which he set on March 26, 1995.


Unfortunately, Sooner International Raceway closed forever when the track owners sold the land to the Altus Airport, which needed to expand their runways.


(btw: Brian Calloway and Jim Lynch patterned Thunderhill Raceway after the design concept of their 3/8 mile track several years later).



Neil Upchurch

Former President & Race Director

Texas International Drivers Association

Late Model Series

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Yep, Levi, There were about 10 to 12 different drivers that ran them in TIDA and the TROC races.


Off the top of my head, I can think of Reithmeyer, Greg Davidson, Slick Yoemans, Bobby Allison, T.W. Welch, Jeremy Stafford, Tommy Grothues, Terry Labonte, Sam Range, and Tommy Riggins who came from Florida to win the 1988 TROC.


And in the All Pro races that were run at SAS, Donnie Allison won with a V-6 in 1984, Joe Nemechek and Bobby Dotter won with them in 1989. And I believe Bobby Gill was running one in 1988 when hel won all 3 All Pro races run in Texas in 1988, 1 at Odessa, and a SAS doubleheader.


They were bad fast, but the V-6 had inherent problems with harmonics and stuff that shortened its life.

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