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Winners Circle Sept 6 2008


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We raced this weekend at HMP, and I sat in the stands and watched my son race. I noticed that after each race the top 3 got to visit Winners Circle, which is awesome. As a racing family, and the mom of a 15 yr old driver, this is a major part of winning. I was disappointed that the DJ starts playing music right after the winner is announced, there are still 2 more drivers to go! I do not know if it was just different this race, or a misunderstanding of sorts. But, would it be possible to let the fans hear about all the drivers that visit Winners Circle?

I know you guys at HMP have worked very hard to get those fans there, and you have done a wonderful job. Now, can we take it one step further and help get them to know the drivers? This helps the drivers have a chance to build a fan base, and you never know - someone might have really enjoyed some of the action and noticed something about one of the drivers he likes. That driver might not just gain a fan - but get sponsored a set of tires or something. Plus, it also gives the drivers current sponsors a chance at recognition, which helps the driver keep coming to the track!


If there is anything we need to do to help you out with this, please let us know!



Gina Schild

Mom, #57 Mason Mitchell

Limited Modified

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