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Notes from TMS Media Day

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Hey gang..

Here's some notes about David and Michael Holigan at today's TMS Media Day..


DAVID STARR...I had a great time chatting with David--didn't get too much time because he was so busy honoring interview requests..he got hammered with questions about The Reality of Speed TV show..Turns out the Reality Film Crew was at David's hotel room this morning to tape him shaving, among other "morning" activities! THAT should be fun to watch this Saturday...The great thing about David and his Holigan Busch team is they're practically all TEXAN--David, Michael Holigan, the crew chief among others..and of course, the shop is in Texas (over by Hiline Drive, which is north of Dallas)..no question, David is a media favorite at the TMS Media Day, everyone wants to interview him...Keep your ears to your radio on Sunday morning, I have a feeling you'll hear his voice (hint: LIVE)...David also joked about how much ribbing he gets for driving the Enzyte car... :lol:


MICHAEL HOLIGAN...Great guy, really is down to earth like David...told me he thoroughly enjoys the Reality show and is very happy with David, both on the show and as a driver...He said he was happy with the ratings for the show and said "Spike told me the other day the ratings are up 50% over the last couple weeks"....At the Media Forum with David, Holigan said, "Yes, we're going to run a part-time Busch schedule this year. Still, I think we can win about 5-6 races this year!" :D Holigan also said, "If David goes out and wins 15 Busch races this year, he's DEFINITELY got a full-time ride in Busch next season!"


On another note....


BRUTON SMITH...was asked directly (twice) about the rumor that NASCAR will sell him Rockingham and let him move THAT date to Texas, so TMS has a second NEXTEL Cup race...this, of course, as a proposed settlement to the Ferko lawsuit...He denied having Rockingham as his "number one" priority, but didn't deny it could be a "lower" priority..

He also mentioned he was propositioned about building a new track in the New York area...he said he visited one particular site on Long Island..he decided against it because there were only 2 ways to get to the location (Long Island Expressway and Long Island Railroad), so he didn't think it would be a good idea to put one out there...

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