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Asphalt Limiteds Start Time @ HMP


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For our first race they will be free.




Jeez... You should be paying us to run those dang-fangled timey things anyway. I ain't never gonna race with you bunch of [edited out by Nick Holt, 12/25/08] if that's the way you're gonna be.


So there, Mr. Put All The Purse Money In Your Own Pocket And Run Off To Mexico Or Somewhere With My Timey-thing Refund Money. Now I feel like a big shot because I made you look all stupid and stuff... Ha Ha Ha.


Proudly posting every negative thought that ever crosses my mind I remain,


BigPictureRacer 2008


[editor's note: Brad, just thought I've give you a taste of the sort of "encouragement" you will recieve as you try to develop this class. You might consider ordering a few layers of aligator skin if you plan on following through with this! You'll be needing it for sure.]

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