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A quick thanks.....

C Molis

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Saturday night for the "Back to School 75", THR and HEB on Brodie and William Cannon teamed up to give out backpacks to several lucky kids in the stands. Not only did they get really cool backpacks, each one was signed by a TSRS driver, and a few even by Mary Ann. Jessica Chaffee and myself picked the kids from the stands, and had them lined up along the fence under the flagstand as the TSRS drivers came out and handed them these backpacks.....let me tell you, there were a lot of smiles down there!!! For some of these kids it was their first time at the track, and I bet they come back again!!!


Thank you Mary Ann, H.E., Debbie, Rick, and ALL of the THR staff for all you guys do...your hard work is appreciated!!!

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