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A Big Thankyou to Texana Raceway Park

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I wanted to personally thank everyone involved at Texana Raceway Park for hosting in particular the Super Stock / Late Model Class this year! Even though we had no intensions of running in this class this year back in March we quickly regrouped, changed plans and started running the once a month class. Even though we knew we had a snowball's chance in hell of winning a race we continued to come and support the class with our participation mainly because of the attitude of the track and the way each driver/team is respected. I would also like to recognize each of the teams that have participated in this class as well, due to it being a class that has struggled at other tracks and have died or are currently dieing a slow death. It has been alot of fun being at a disadvantage running a heavy street stock type car but I do think a couple of the stock bodied cars have proven they can compete and have good runs in this class. We hope that it inspires others to run in this class next season!


With next season in mind we have some questions in regards to the direction this class is going. Obviously lots of cars are up for sell and with 105 doing away with the class it opens the door for Texana to do what they want to do with the rules. My opinion and hopes are that the class not get any more expensive then it is but maybe even go the opposite direction to help keep those current cars on the track and possible new blood coming into it. I have a couple of suggestions that has two things in mind. Keep costs from rising and keeping the class competitive for everyone. Also the rules are very close to I37 and they maybe worth talking to for self preservation mode of the class at both tracks.


1. Allow only 4412 2 barrell's. Big carbs drive up the cost of motors and tire bills. Plus its hard for the 2 barrell cars to keep up.

2. Allow any car over 3300 lbs. to run any tire they want. These will help street stock heavier cars to stay competitive with the lite late model type cars running spec tires. Almost every tire manufactor has tires that can be run in this class that are clearanced under $50 new.

3. In this class line your cars up for feature by redrawing the top 3 in each heat race. This doesnt put the fastest cars on the front row most of the time and gives a better show for the fans. It also gives other drives a chance to try and hold off the hot dogs of the class.

4. Previous feature winner should never start closer then the top 5 rows. The more winners the more happier drivers with a growing class.


Again these are only my opinions but for this class to not just survive but thrive you need to consider how you can attract more street stock type cars to your track and they be competitive. This would include the STS Hobby cars, Houston area Street Stocks, and I 37 Super Stocks. Remember if any of these cars from different track can compete then each track can hosts special events when the other tracks are not running them and have really good car counts and great shows. Good Luck getting prepared for 2009 even though we are not finished I hope the ideas of a street stock team are considered so we may consider running again next year!

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