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Pokey Wiggington & Dean Daniels


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;) Two of my personal favorites!


Grandpa Pokey (9 Sep,1920 - 22 Jan,1991) and Dean Daniels at our house in Houston Feb 21, 1974.


Pokey is my grandfather on my dad's [bobby Wiggington *16 Aug, 1940 - 17 Jan 1992] side, and Dean was my dad's best friend. I have a little info on a few of the guys who hung in that particular circle since I have started working on our family tree. Good Gosh! What a mess! :lol: I knew the fam was whacked, but you never know for sure until you grow up and start digging into the past! My cousin [J.E. "Jake" Stewart's *02 Oct,1928 - 17 Feb,2003* daughter] is also working on our project so we are making a dent at least.


I have a few pic's of the car's my dad and Dean used to build and run, but I don't have any that my GPa Pokey and Uncle Earl [Wiggington *22 May,1922- 15 Mar,1992] drove. So if anyone has any pic's of any of these guys I would greatly appreciate you posting them so that I could save them to my files!


The Crocker's were also deep in my fam, haven't quite figured their connection out yet though! Perhaps they were just friends...I do know that my Uncle Jerry's [Pokey's youngest, Bobby's lil brother] 1st (?) wife Mary used to be married to one of them and they had 6ish kids...but which Crocker I don't know for sure at this very moment.


I would love to hear any stories that you may have on any of these folks, and I will post pic's as I run across them. As you can see from the dates included above, my family is dwindling and all, or most, of my best men are looking over me from above.


This pic is at my (LOL! Any reason to have a party!) birthday party in 1974. I was 11! LOL! Everyone came to our house in Houston...if was fun to watch for sure!


Thanks again for any help with stories and pic's that you may have for me. If you have any questions on any of my crew that I can answer, I will be more than glad to oblige.


Thanx tons to this sit and its members for helping to keep the racing legacy's alive.


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