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I am preparing the following information in a media advisory format, but wanted to post the high points in this area for information sharing:


1. Unfortunately as hard as we tried, we cannot find a date to make up the 8/16 rain-out. With the weather not allowing the make-up on 8/23 and moving forward with getting ready for the 8/30 ASCS Sprint Car event, we will be dropping that particular rained out event from the calendar. Therefore, 8/16 will not be made up.


2. 8/30 the ASCS Sprint Cars will be in town. Also, competing will be Bombers, Limited Mods, and Mods. Sprints are running for $2k to win. All three of the regular classes will have $1,000 added to their purse. It will be $200 extra to the winner, with the remaining $800 extra divided equally among all cars from 2nd back starting the feature, up to a max of 24.


3. Following the 8/30 event, we will have all classes running on 9/6. Then 9/27 all classes except Super Stocks and it is double points on 9/27. And,,,,,,, an anonymous sponsor has kicked in extra money for the Limiteds and Mods on 9/6 and 9/27. Here's how it works by request of the sponsor: Each night on 9/6 and 9/27, Limiteds will be running for $800 to win and Mods for $1,000 to win. Then, there will be $35 extra added to every pay envelope for feature starters. If there's 20 cars, 2nd - 20th will get $35 above the normal pay for that spot. If there is 23 that start the feture, 2nd - 23rd will get $35 extra.... We'll update the Texana website with the payout page after 8/30 to reflect this accordingly.


4. Remember, on 9/6 we have kids go-kart races at intermission, and a demo derby following the features.


5. 9/27 we'll have powder puff races and mechanics races following the features. Plus a special dads or moms in the mini stocks race also following the features, provided there is enough interest.

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