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NasKarts comming to Houston Motor Sports Park

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The NasKarts Racing Series will be at Houston Motor Sports Park for race #15 of their 23 race series. All the guys are very excited to be racing at this first class facility.


For those who are not familiar with the NasKarts, they are Italian made Birel Endurance Racing Kart Chassis. These chassis have large energy absorbing bumpers and side pods that allow for full contact racing. You will see lots of three wide noise to tail racing action at 80 plus MPH. They will be drafting as if at taladaga.


They are powed by Honda GX270 four stroke engines that are modified to the max. They have milled heads large valves, decked blocks, High lift cams, lightened fly wheels and all enternal rotating parts are lightned.


In stock form the GX270 is rated at 9hp, at 3800 rpm. After modifications they produce well over 20hp at 7,000 rpm.


The nice thing about these engines is that they are inexpensive. The complete engine with all modifications is around $1750.00 and a complete and competitive NasKart is around $4,500.00 including engine with all mods.


We would like to see a Houston division get started for next year. We hope that the Houston Fans will enjoy the show they put on. This is a very inexpensive way to get into racing and it is also a lot of fun with very little work.


This is an adult series with the average age of our drivers at around 40. The rules are designed so that a 200 lb driver plus the weight of the kart equals 450 lb. If the driver weighs less than 200 lb then he has to add weight to the kart to bring it to the minimun weight of 450.


Looking forward to meeting everyone in Houston


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