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Congratulations to Mike Cooper

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August 15, 2008


Congratulations to Mike Cooper


Mike Cooper, our racetrack manager, will soon be leaving us for the hills of Tennessee. Mike recently accepted a promotion with Advanced Auto Parts and will be leaving for his new position the week of August 18. He will continue working at our track on the weekends as we bring this season to a close.


On behalf of Short Track Motor Sports, we want to thank Mike for his insight, leadership, and determination in making this facility a top short track. Improvements made this year in the pit area, lights, grandstands, and programming were done under Mike’s vision and moved us closer toward our goal of becoming one of the premier tracks in the nation.


This year’s racing program—which most will remember did not exist at all until we purchased the track in January—could only have come together so quickly and so well because of the skills and knowledge that Mike Cooper brought to the table.


We have a lot of work ahead of us to continue improving Red River Speedway and offering our fans variety and excitement. Because of Mike’s skills and leadership, we now have the tools to make our future seasons even better; for that I want to personally say, “Thank you Mike Cooper.”


Red River Speedway has some great plans for the remainder of this season and even bigger plans for next season. Please join Short Track Motor Sports in wishing Mike and his family the best of success in their new endeavors.


Mike Nowels

Charlie Turner

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Speaking in behalf of the 43 driver members of the Texas Pro Sedans 4 cylinder stock car series, we appreciate the business arrangement and professional relationship with Red River Speedway's Track Manager Mike Cooper, during the 2008 racing season. We all wish Mike good luck in Tennessee.


We are thankful to owners Charlie Turner and Mike Nowels for having the vision and "guts" to bring Red River Speedway back to racing life and vastly improve the physical facility.


The Texas Pro Sedans look forward to returning to RRS on October 18 to be a part of the North Texas Asphalt Championship races and completing and signing a multiple race contract for the 2009 season.


Thank you Mike -



Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans

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