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04 r Nathan Robbins/Bastrop, TX --- Ford Pinto/2338

3 r Bob Sherland/San Antonio, TX --- VW Rabbit/1870

7 Jesse Sandoval/Corpus Christi, TX --- Ford Pinto/2338-arca

9 r Bobby Burrows/Yorktown, TX --- Ford Fusion/2338-svo D

15 Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX --- Ford Mustang/2340-arca

18 Lanny Young/Kingsland, TX --- VW Karmen Ghia/2275

20 Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak, TX --- VW Rabbit/2042

22 Harry Osburn Jr./San Antonio, TX --- Ford Mustang/2338-svo

23 J.J. Osburn/San Antonio, TX --- Ford Pinto/2338

26 Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi, TX --- Ford Mustang/2338-arca

27 Bill Labarge/Bryan, TX --- BMW/2313

28 r Lisa Sandoval/Corpus Christi, TX --- Ford Pinto/2338

38 Dave Parks/San Antonio, TX --- 2001 VW Sedan/1588

46 r Mark Rahn/San Antonio, TX --- Chevrolet Cobalt/

48 Mike Knotts/Universal City, TX --- VW Scirocco/

50 Rick Dawdy/San Antonio, TX --- VW Rabbit/1870

55 John Miesen/Marion, TX --- VW Sedan/2332

56 Jason Krueger/Seguin, TX --- VW Sedan/1835

66 Ariel Arredondo/Corpus Christi, TX --- Ford Taurus/2030

70 Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX --- VW Scirocco/1690

71 Bruce Mabrito/San Antonio, TX --- VW Scirocco/1780

72 Candi Hogan/Cedar Park, TX --- VW Sedan/2160

78 Adam McCosh/Cibolo, TX --- VW Sedan/1835

84 r Josh Cournoyer/Wichita Falls, TX --- Ford Pinto/2338

97 Kevin Hallman/Cibolo, TX --- Ford Mustang/2338


r Eligible 2008 "TPS Rookie of the Year" Award




Race & Administrative Director --- Neil Upchurch

Chief Inspector --- Jack Foy

Weight Inspectors --- tba

Technical Consultant Official at THR --- Cotton Sherland

Web Site Moderator/Graphics Coord --- Charysse Knotts

Equipment Coordinator --- George Merrell

Scales Set Up --- Charlie White

Scales Technician --- Lanny Masson


TEXAS PRO SEDANS 2008 SPONSORS --- Aug 30, 2008:


Richard and Bea Villanueva of San Antonio

Nelson Skinner, Attorney at Law, San Antonio

Express Jet Airlines - thru: Jim Nides


Disclaimer: The above Texas Pro Sedans entry list is for the exclusive use of TPS drivers, officials and THR scoring. This list is composed of drivers who have submitted an entry form and paid an entry fee for the August 30th TPS race at THR. This list should not be interpreted as a list of TPS drivers who will compete on track or even actually arrive at THR. TPS is unable to determine the travel intent a TPS driver, who may or may not arrive at THR.


Postponement Note: In the event that the THR pit gate doesn't open due to inclement weather, the TPS make-up race date is two weeks later on September 13, 2008.



For non-entrants --- August 30th TPS race entry information is available from:


Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans


210/655-3222 office



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