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No races this weekend


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Brenda thank you again for helping me out with the post while I was on the road. You're always a life saver!

There is a large amount of water standing out at TRP and it's not possible to get the make-up for August 16th in this week. We are studying our calendars and we plan to have this event made-up....


Now, what a strange season this has been that during a long dry spell, TRP has the magical power of bringing rain into the area when we schedule events. We've decided that we will place events on the calendar each week on Mondays and Tuesdays so it will rain in the region at the appropriate times...... lol ;)


But, in spite of the odd weather curve balls throughout the season, as we reflect back and up to this point, there have been some real positives:

1. Rain hit events during a night of racing causing the events to stop, but Bruce dug in and paid the entire purse on at least two different ocassions (one night when heats were not even complete).

2. We've had more sponsors adding money into different events this season than any other on record. Now, that's even more notable given the current economic situation. A huge thank-you goes out to all of those sponsors and to folks who've helped recruit those sponsors. All of the racers have appreciated those bonuses this season.

3. Demonstrating just what the TRP family is about, there were over 60 bicycles given away on one night in July! The number of donations for this event was once again overwhelming and a testiment to just who the teams that compete at TRP really are. Truly an incredible night and tremendous generosity by the teams.

4. We broke an all time attendance record on July 12th in the grand stands at TRP. Man, it was obviously visible, because that place was packed. But, who wouldn't want to come out and see the caliber of talent that we have participating.

5. How about fifty cent hot dog's and fifty cent soda's night. That was a huge hit with the fans. Sold out of the dogs before intermission and we thought we bought more than we could ever sell. I saw one gentleman carrying 12 dogs back to his family in the stands


I could go on and on with several other notable happenings during the year. With that said, hang on 'cause we ain't done yet. We've got a few surprises left that I'll be posting for your reading! We want to step it up a notch as we wrap up this year. Of course we have the awesome USMTS three night event in November, but we've got a few good things to announce for the remaining points nights also.


Our first order of business is August 30th with the ASCS Sprint Cars and that will be the sprints, bombers, limiteds and mods. As a reminder, bombers, limiteds and mods have $1,000 extra added to their purse for each class. That will be $200 on top in each class and $800 for each class dividided thru the field from 2nd -back for feature starters.


I'll be posting the ASCS flyer on here so you can print, hand out, give to businesses or anything else you can think of. And, more information to come on what our other remaining points nights hold as surprises.

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