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2008 Sunoco Texas Grand

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I have had several emails from interested parties about The Texas Grand, where, what and when. So I will post as much info as I can and would be happy to get any additional answers to questions.


The 2008 Sunoco Texas Grand is entering its 13th year. The race is held at Houston Raceway Park which is in Baytown. This year it is being held on Nov. 6th, 7th and 8th. Nov. 6th Thursday is strickly practice, Nov. 7th is strickly qualifying and Nov. 8th is final qualifying and main events. The classes last year were ASCS Sprints, Crate Late Models, Outlaw Modifieds, Limited Modifieds, Street Stocks, Bombers and Dwarf Cars. They try to cater the rules to allow cars from different tracks to be illegible to race in this event. However some track rules for the street stocks and bombers differ alittle too much so certain allowances would have to be approved prior to racing. Anyway the payout is $1000 to win in each class unless you have over 50 cars in a class then its been $2000 to win. It drops $100 per position and I believe the start money is $150. All early entry fees were $100 or $150 upon arrival. The event is clearly the best of the best for Houston and surrounding areas. Approximately 250 plus cars are the norm for this event. Its ran as professional as any event I have been to and usually has alot of excitement that comes with it! Personally we have participated in all 12 previous events and its a nice way to end the year!


So if you think your bad and want to proof it HRP has a big stage for you to strut your stuff Nov. 6th, 7th, and 8th.


I have talked to the decision makers in regards to I37 and STS pure stock and street stock cars.

The I37 Pure Stocks are straight up legal with no changes. You should be ok on your gearing as well.

The I37 Street Stocks are also good to go except for tires. This class runs asphalt takeoffs which can be purchase for around $25 - $30 bucks.

The STS Pure Stocks are good with the except of cam rules. They have a .450 lift rule so that should be the only questionable area for some of those STS pure stock guys.


If anyone has any questions I would be happy to help out. As of right now they are updating this years website and should have everything ready to go pretty soon. When they do I will post it all for everyone.

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